Spices and all things nice

If you know Chocolat Chocolat you’ll be familiar with our handmade sheet chocolate, and perhaps like many you may be a member of the Caramel and Sea Salt fan club (or Raspberries and Pistachio, Fudge Brownies : so many to choose from!), but why does our chocolatier choose other chocolates to add to our range?

The answer is impressively simple: the decision is made on quality and quality alone, and for chocolate that means no vegetable fat, high cocoa and and a great taste.

The hunt to find the right combination has taken our chocolatier all across Europe , to Belgium (of course!), as well as France, Switzerland, Italy and even Germany to source chocolates that are traditional, modern, familiar or surprising.

One of our chocolatier’s favourite finds is the chocolate made by Dolfin who are amazing at adding flavours to chocolate using herbs, spices and even salt. That’s a lot more difficult than it sounds, because spices can taste gritty if not added correctly, but fortunately the master chocolatier at Dolfin is just that, a master, and skillfully combines all sorts of flavours with the finest, smoothest chocolate to create combinations that intrigue, delight and taste wonderful.

Our favourites? Pink Peppercorn, Bitter Oranges, Almonds and Persian Salt, in truth they’re all so good it’s hard to choose so we’d plump for a box of Napolitans offering a little bit of everything.

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