Father’s Day : Chocolate or Socks?

Socks or Chocolate – what do you think Dad would prefer? We agree and have the answer!

Well, we read somewhere the other day that a Tie is the most popular gift given on Father’s Day, but we don’t believe that! We think Socks are probably pretty popular too, and of course we know first-hand that many are gifted some delicious chocolate!

Now did you know that in Germany Dads celebrate Father’s Day by drinking lots of beer and eating traditional food (we think that means sausages!)? And that in Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated in December on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyade? Or that the Rose is the official flower of Father’s Day?

But back to the big question – If you really had to choose, do you think Dad would prefer Socks or Chocolate? You may have guessed already, but we think the answer is definitely chocolate.
And to help you we’re going to reveal some of our favourite gifts for Dad this year, whether it’s his main present,  or in case you’ve already bought him those socks, a little extra chocolatey treat to add on. Our go to recommendation is our handmade sheet chocolate bouquets, with each of the flavours developed by our expert chocolatier.

>We have a range of flavours from the very familiar (like Milk Fruit and Nut) to the less familiar (like our best-selling Caramel, Sea Salt and Praline) just as welcome as a much more adventurous than a pair of socks, but much tastier!

If you’re not sure what he’d fancy, why not go for one of our ready made bouquets filled with a handpicked range of flavours or create your own with flavours you know he’d love. 

Don’t forget you can choose next day delivery or click and collect …………………..

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