2021 Course Update

8th April 2020

We’d like to thank you for your patience over the last year, we would have loved to re-started running courses before now, but the time hasn’t been right. At the time of writing it doesn’t seem that the time is right yet, there are number of reasons: Government regulation don’t permit us to open and our chocolate courses are not a permitted reason to leave home.

However they are only two of the factors that we need to take into account ,there is a another very important element we need think about and that is the availability of the venue.

We can’t run courses in the shop so have to use a local venue and it’s likely that they will be subject to restrictions until mid-May at the earliest. 

You can rest assured that we will be speaking to the venue owners and keeping an eye on lock down restrictions to see if we can start courses earlier than the currently expected dates.

However please be aware that Government announcements take time to be implemented and there may a delay in our venues responding. 

As soon as we have an update we will let you know, we will send emails to voucher holders (if we have their email address) as soon as we have an update, and this page will be also updated.

Once again thanks for your patience.

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