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" My daughter and her friends had so much fun, and now they all want a Chocolate Birthday Party"

Packed with hands on, chocolately, fun for children aged 7 and upwards

Our Chocolate Parties are ideal for junior chocolate lovers who want a birthday party with a difference!

We know that these parties are just right for children because they tell us, and so do their parents! In fact we’re surprised at the number of children who’ve been on two or more parties!

The parties are for 7 – 11 year olds with a maximum of 12 children per group (including the birthday child). Each child makes 2 – 3 chocolate treats, lollipops, chocolate pizzas, bars etc. and we are used to working with children of all ages with different abilities and dexterity so they all have a great time.

Our Parties are run in central Cambridge, lasting 1 hour and the Chocolatier who runs them will take care of everything on the day so that the parents can relax or help out as they prefer. 

Parties are held on Saturdays, once or twice a month, and there are 4 slots available during the day; it’s not always possible to have a party on the birthday weekend but we will try and offer dates as close as possible – some things are worth waiting for!

We’ve learnt during the many parties we’ve run that children aren’t shy to sample the chocolate on offer so we  recommend you don’t bring any other food, it won’t be needed and we will supply water for them to drink. 

We will also supply invitations for you to print off and send to all the guests.

We can accommodate most dietary requests or groups with special needs if we know about them in advance of thE


Before each party we will be in contact with you and check if any children have allergies that might stop them attending. We are able to use dairy free, gluten free, and coeliac products,and cater for mild nut allergies quite easily, but please note that we can’t guarantee that the ingredients and chocolate that we use are totally free from any allergen.

We therefore suggest if any child has a severe allergy their parents should contact us before accepting a party invitation. 

You will be sent an allergy questionnaire at least a week before the party, if you don’t complete the form at least 7 days before the party date then we may not be able to provide chocolate or ingredients that meet your needs.

We can provide chocolate and ingredients that are vegetarian or vegan, in the allergy questionnaire we will ask if you have any dietary preferences, but, as with Allergies if you don’t let us know in time we won’t be able to provide chocolate or ingredients that meet your needs.

A cake is always a good idea as we can all sing Happy Birthday, but we suggest that it is then cut up and wrapped to take away as it won’t be eaten after the chocolate making has finished. We can arrange amazing birthday cakes for your child please ask for details and costs.

In our experience snacks and drinks are ignored by children and they would rather eat chocolate (like many adults) than a party snack so there is no need to supply any.

We hire the room from the venue for the day in order to run several parties so you would need to make your own arrangements with a different venue if you want to have a birthday tea after the event.

Age is no barrier to attending a children’s party, but we do ask for a minimum age of 7 unless younger siblings of the birthday child want to attend and parents will stay to help them if needed; (we can offer an older children’s option for 11 – 14 year olds please contact us for details).

We also ask that one or two parents stay in the room so they can help if a child needs it or if the children get too excited. Other parents are free to leave and come back at the end of the party.

The guests and birthday child need to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start, and whilst we aim to finish on time sometimes some children need a little longer to finish their activities so we may extend the course by up to 15 minutes, we prefer to do this rather than spoil their enjoyment, but it does mean that parents may have to wait to collect.

If any child has visual, auditory limitations or learning or behavioural needs  please let us know and we will work with you to ensure that everyone enjoys the party. If you bring a hearing or seeing dog please be aware that chocolate can be poisonous. 

Our courses are normally held in central Cambridge at the Folk Museum ( Museum of Cambridge, Castle Street) in a ground floor location with no on site parking so parents will have to park nearby and bring children to the venue. We will not allow children to leave after the party unless their parent or an authorized adult comes to collect them.

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Children's Half Term Chocolate Making Pop Up

Our Children’s Pop Up Chocolate Making Sessions are back over Autumn half term on Wednesday 27th October 2021. £10 per child.

Half Term is coming, and junior chocolate lovers will need something to do: so back again by popular demand, and just for junior chocolate lovers aged 5 to 11!

Our famed chocolate pop-ups are back on Wednesday 27th October, with 30 minutes of chocolate making with each child having an opportunity to make their very own chocolate with Chocolat Chocolat and bring some handmade treats home with them! Tasting, fun, and chocolate: an amazing combination!

One day only on the 2nd floor of the Grand Arcade

Younger children MAY be able to join their older siblings but you MUST call us to check before booking on 01223 778982.